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RealTimes with 7 GB Storage Space & RealPlayer Basic

RealPlayer is now RealTimes, the integration of a video player (RealPlayer) and a Cloud service + much more.
Download RealTimes with RealPlayer
FREE RealPlayer + Cloud Storage + much more
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Download RealTimes with RealPlayer
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RealTimes with RealPlayer - Free Basic Plan

Some of the benefits you get as a Free RealTimes user:
  • 7 GB (2 + 5 GB) Cloud Storage space (upgradable to unlimited)
  • Download the latest RealPlayer Basic
  • Automatically convert your photos and video galleries on your mobile device into RealTime Stories
  • Easily and instantly move your videos to any device by uploading them to the cloud.
  • Ensure that videos are formatted perfectly to any device, thanks to SurePlay.
  • Download videos locally for access anywhere.
  • Watch videos on your TV through Chromecast or Roku.
  • Discover hot trending videos from across the web.
  • Easily and privately share videos no matter how long they are.
  • Share videos socially on Facebook, Twitter, and more.
  • Allow friends to watch your videos on any device without downloading the RealTimes app.

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